Instruction for Author

1- Authors are invited to submit their 1-page abstract for evaluation following the instruction provided in the ABSTRACT Template in Abstract Submission. Abstracts can be submitted either as an “oral” or a “poster” presentation. Please note that abstracts submitted for an “oral” presentation may be accepted for a “poster” presentation.

2- Each accepted abstracts will be assigned a reference number and an email containing a password for log in Full Paper Submission will be sent to the corresponding author. The authors can proceed with submitting the full paper using his corresponding email, abstract reference number and the password in the Full Paper Submission

3-After the acceptance of the submitted abstracts authors can submit the full paper for publication in the proceedings/books, strictly following the instructions provided in the FULL PAPER Template.

Full Paper Template
Papers should be prepared in English and carefully checked for correct grammar. Figures should be of high quality. To ensure high scientific quality, all papers will go through a peer review process by an expert committee. All papers must be submitted in electronic form using the website of the conference.
Once the reviewing process is complete, the corresponding author of each paper will be notified of the result by e-mail. The authors are required to follow the reviews in order to improve their paper before their final submission.
3- All abstracts and full papers accepted for oral or poster presentation will be published in the conference proceedings (with ISBN number). However, the review/scientific committee will select the highest quality papers. These highest quality papers will be selected for possible publication as book chapter in  American Institute of Physics(AIP) Conference Proceedings.