Assam Science and Technology University is very happy to announce the First International Conference on Renewable & Alternate Energy (ICRAE-2018) to be organized under Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-III)

The Conference aspires to disseminate and network on renewable and alternate energy research with special emphasis to the subjects with emerging research interests such as biofuel, bioenergy, fuel technologies, waste to energy conversions, climate change etc. ICRAE-2018 provides a platform for researchers and specialists across the globe to formulate a roadmap for renewable and alternate energy technology based sustainable development. The conference will cover following topics but not limited to;

  • Advanced and Conventional Biofuels: Bioethanol from cellulose, sugar and starch crops, Microalgal Biofuels, BtL-Diesel, Hydrotrated Vegetable oil, Emulsion/Microemulsion based biofuels, Bio-Synthetic gas, Hydrogen fuels from bio-sources, Biodiesel, Biogas and other conventional biofuels, Biobutanol, Dimethylether, Pyrolysis based fuels, Methanol etc.
  • Alternate Energy Resources and all other renewable energy technologies
  • Bioenergy: Biomass conversion technologies, Bioenergy production and utilization: current status and future prospects, Forest Bioenergy Resources
  • Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Fusion energy: prospects and challenges
  • Fuel Technologies
  • Energy for sustainable future, Energy Conservation & Management, Integrated /Hybrid Energy Systems etc
  • Waste to Energy Conversion, Waste Management
  • Environmental compliances; Energy, Environment & Climate Change
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